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Devorah is director of Gan Preschool. She is passionate about educating children to be positive leaders, caring, and creative! She marvels at the magic of watching each child grow, develop, and blossom during their transformative early childhood years. She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education as well as Masters in Speech Language Pathology, and is proud to be a Nurtured Heart Approach trainer!



1. What are Gan Preschool's core values?

a. POSITIVELY NURTURING with focus, care and joy! 

b. GUIDING and CELEBRATING each child's cognitive, physical and social-emotional growth and development.

c. EMPOWERING our children to gain independence, confidence, and love for learning and creativity. 

2. Who is Gan Preschool for?

Gan Preschool is a Jewish preschool program for children ages 18 months - 5years of age. 

3. Does Gan Preschool teach Hebrew?

Yes! We have fabulous Hebrew teachers that join from a teaching seminary in Israel. They come with a passion to provide a rich, immersive Hebrew language experience for the children. The children learn their Aleph Bet as well!

4. What kind of Jewish education does Gan Preschool provide?

Gan Preschool children love celebrating the Jewish holidays and you'll be amazed at how much your child will learn and share! Additionally, Jewish values and traditions are a part of all we do.  The children learn gratitude as they sing songs of tefilla, they look forward to our Friday Shabbat parties and challah-making, and they learn powerful lessons from the stories of our history.

5. What does a day at Gan Preschool look like?

Each day at Gan Preschool begins an open-ended activity that is set up to invite the children and inspire their curiosity. We have times for independent learning, play, and exploration and times when we join together as a group for "circle time" and other group learning projects and activities. The children spend plenty of time outdoors engaged in active play.  Gan Preschool graduates know their ABC's (some children can even read!), have built pre-math and early math skills, are curious and excited about the world, and know the Aleph Bet! Our focus on the children's social-emotional development will set your child up to be successful each day at Gan preschool and get ready for Kindergarten!

6. What are Gan Preschool kids eating?

Each day we provide a healthy and hearty breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day.  We provide dinner as well for children staying for extended hours. We are big on fruits, veggies, proteins, and whole grains. Healthy nutrition is critical to the growth and development of our children and our menu reflects meals and snacks that are wholesome, reduced in sugar, and high in nutrients. Plus, Gan Preschool children know the importance of staying hydrated!

7. How do Gan Preschool teachers nurture the children?

At Gan Preschool we use the Nurtured Heart Approach. The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a set of strategies developed by Howard Glasser to help children discover their own greatness and develop Inner Wealth™. The Nurtured Heart Approach focuses on giving energy to what is going right instead of what is going wrong. This relationship-based method empowers our superstar teachers to energize what is going right and channel our children's intensity in positive ways that help all children flourish.

8. Will I know what my child is doing throughout the day?

We use the PLAYGROUND app for attendance and parent communication. Throughout the day, you will be notified regarding your child's meals, naps, and diaper/potty times. We use the robust communication features to share announcements, observations, pictures, and videos of what the children are engaged in throughout the day.

9. Does Gan Preschool run through the summer?

Yes! We have a fabulous Gan Camp program that is full of summer fun!



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