Mikvah FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mikvah

What women like you are saying about the Mikvah!

What makes the water special?

Water is the primary source of all living things. It has the power to purify, to restore and replenish life. The mikva is filled with waters that are "living," from a flowing source that has never been dormant, such as fresh spring water or rainwater. The water is kept under strict hygienic control, cleaned daily and chlorinated.

Why should I go to the Mikvah?

 Immersion in the mikvah is a special mitzvah priveleged to the jewish woman. Mikvah helps the couple create a relationship that is in a state of continuous renewal. With marriages failing daily, the laws of Family Sanctity help the couple find fulfillment within a sanctified marriage that is caring, romantic and strong enough to last a lifetime.

When and How do I go to the Mikva?

Mikva introduces times of separation and reunion as part of a cycle in married life. With the onset of menstruation, the couple refains from physical intimacy. Instead, connection is strenghtened through spending time talking and bonding emotionally and spiritually. After counting seven days with anticipation, the Jewish woman immerses in the mikva after nightfall.  Husband and wife are reunited in love with a union that is elevated and holy, reliving the experince of bride and groom on their wedding night!

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