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Call: Devorah, 650-561-6013

Devorah is director of GROW Afterschool. She is passionate about educating children to be positive leaders, resilient, and creative! She believes that afterschool hours are the perfect time for children to GROW to be their best through fun, engaging and stimulating activities! She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education as well as Speech Language Pathology, and is proud to be a Nurtured Heart Approach trainer!


1. What are the GROW'S core values?

Fun: Our staff is passionate about giving GROW kids a fabulous afterschool experience with fun activities and a nurturing approach*.

Jewish: Jewish holidays and values come ALIVE through celebrations, activities, and projects! Additionally, children are engaged daily in Hebrew reading, writing, and literacy.

Educational: We provide homework assistance and fabulous STEAM activities that spark curiosity and exploration.

2. Who is GROW for?

GROW is a Jewish program for children ages K-5th grade. 

3. What schools does GROW pick up from?

GROW picks up from all schools in Palo Alto and some schools in other cities. Call Devorah at 650-561-6013 to find out about additional schools.

4. What Hebrew program does GROW offer?

Hebrew literacy and language are part of every day at GROW. Be prepared to be amazed as you watch your child read and write Hebrew using our famed ALEPH CHAMP program. In addition, our Hebrew language teachers utilize the GRANITE IVRIT curriculum and are passionate about growing the children's Hebrew language skills! 

5. What activities are GROW kids engaged in?

Every day Grow kids are spending plenty of time outdoors engaged in sports, active play, and art activities. In addition, we have specialized enrichment programs that are rotated throughout the year such as martial arts, baking, hip hop, woodworking, lego club, pottery and more!

6. What are GROW kids eating?

Each day we provide a healthy, hearty snack upon arrival. At 3:30, the children enjoy another light snack.  At 4:45, the children enjoy a healthy dinner.

7. How do staff nurture GROW kids?

At GROW we use the Nurtured Heart Approach. The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a set of strategies developed by Howard Glasser to help children discover their own greatness and develop Inner Wealth™. The Nurtured Heart Approach focuses on giving energy to what is going right instead of what is going wrong. This relationship-based method empowers our superstar teachers to energize what is going right and channel our children's intensity in a positive way to help all children flourish.


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