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High Holiday Campaign

  • What gift does G-d really want?

    Dear friend,

    Have you tried buying a present for someone who has everything they want? 

    What can you get them? 

    Answer: You do something special for the people who they care about. 

    This is the reason why the High Holidays season is a "Jewish time" to give charity. 

    And this is the reason for my letter.

    G-d doesn’t have a birthday. 

    So instead we celebrate the birthday of the world. Once a year we get together and do something nice for Him. We gather in the synagogues and accept him as our King.

    And we do nice things for those who He cares about.

    I’d like you to consider a gift to welcome Jews from our area for the High Holidays. 

    Because too many Jews have told me that they feel like an outsider. Like they don’t belong.

    They flit from High Holiday experience to another, like Goldilocks, only they never find anything "just right", and sadly some even give up.

    They just want to belong and to feel comfortable in a place where they feel accepted for who they are.

    You give them that place.

    No matter your story or who you are everyone knows that you have a place at Chabad. You are welcomed. And more than welcomed. People are genuinely happy to see each other and be with each other. No judgments, no barriers, no strings.

    G-d cares about you. He cares about all Jews and all people. And He is thrilled when Jews find a place to pray, to connect, to meditate, or simply be with their people for the High Holidays.

    And he LOVES it when we take care of each other.

    You can make that happen. 

    Can you give $180 to create this wonderful, remarkable, High Holiday experience?

    $180 is all it takes for you to create a place and service where Jews feel welcome, accepted, and a sense of belonging.

    People will walk in to instantly discover family, community, acceptance and a huge warm welcome.

    Thanks to you.

    The High Holidays are around the corner and we need to act quickly, so we can be ready for them.

    Chabad doesn’t charge membership fees. And doesn’t charge ticket fees. 

    It’s expensive to run the High Holidays. There are children's programs, adult classes, educational mailings, and community outreach. There are food expenses, marketing expenses, cleaning expenses. Our total High Holiday Budget for the 3 weeks is $15,984.

    It’s worth every penny to see the light on the faces and watch the souls ignite.

    It really is a special experience that you will create. Jews being Jewish together.

    Welcoming everyone with open arms and hearts.

    We can’t do it without you.

    Can you help? Can you give $180 to create this wonderful experience?

    Thank you for considering my request. May G-d Almighty bless you and yours with a happy sweet new year.

    And of course, we’d love to see you over the holiday.


    Rabbi Zalman and Devorah Levin

    PS. G-d loves it when we take care of each other. Can you give $180 so that Jews in our area will experience a wonderful High Holiday experience? You will be welcoming Jews from all backgrounds. You will tell Jewish people that feel that they have no place else to go, that you welcome them - with open hearts and arms. 

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