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Want another day of school for your kids?  Neither do we. With fun, interactive, hands-on learning, your kids will wait for Sunday all week!   Activities, experiments, crafts, songs, drama and more! 


With the special karate-style 
Aleph Champ  program, JAMers learn to read, write and understand Hebrew. 

Torah Timeline
Characters and Torah stories come to life! Get an overview of Jewish history starting with creation followed by the giving of the Torah and leading to modern day Israel, with a special emphasis on the weekly Torah portion.

Torah Trivia
Do you know...
How many Mitzvot are there?
What is a sofer? Mohel?
How is a Torah scroll written? How many letters in a Torah scroll?
Be amazed at your child's knowedge! 

JAMers will learn to love each Jewish Holiday. Before each holiday, JAMS families come together for a fantastic Holiday experience!

From its rich Jewish history to its modern achievements, your child will develop an affection for the land and people of Israel! 

Jewish Values
At JAMS, Torah is not just a textbook study. The Torah's lessons enhance our lives, teaching us how to live in a caring, meaningful way.


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*Due to Jewish Holidays, classes for September 20, October 11, and April 4 will take place during the week.



Sundays from 10:00-11:30   |  Ages 5-10





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