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Alef Arts is a Jewish enrichment club for children ages 3-10 to interact with various art mediums for a fun and meaningful hands on learning experience.

Workshops are centered around Jewish history, holidays, and culture.

Kids will take pride in their quality art masterpieces, enjoy song and drama, create delicious dishes, perform deeds or kindness, and participate in games and activities to facilitate learning and enthusiasm for our beautiful customs and traditions.

These workshops are the canvas for expression, feeling, and connection.


Idfb9304812.jpg    Aleph Arts 'n Edibles
    First Monday of the month! Roll up your sleeves and get busy! Experience the joy of kosher cooking, baking and learn about mitzvahs and        Jewish holidays through food.

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     Aleph Arts 'n Craf ts
    Second Monday of the month! Dig in and get crafting and see what lessons you learn along the way! 

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    Aleph Arts 'n Action
     Third Monday of the month. Camera, Lights, Action! Read stories, learn lessons and create and put it into action!

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    Aleph Arts 'n Hearts

     Fourth Mondays of the month. Share your heart through art!


When: Tuesday from 4:00-5:30 pm.

Where: Chabad House: 3070 Louis Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Info: For more information, call 650-424-9080 or email

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